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Our mission is to help driven entrepreneurs and leaders grow in their business, career and personal life through Emotional Intelligence Assessments, Personal Branding Strategies and Mindset work. We teach, coach, and provide essential tools to help you accomplish your goals. Are you ready to crush your goals?

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"I have absolutely loved all of the coaching sessions I have had with Linna and Jenn at Goal and Glow. They have been instrumental in helping me to launch my business and ensure I stay on point with keeping my company on brand. I recently did an EQ assessment with Linna and we are in the process of applying the learnings from it to my business. I cannot wait to see how Linna will use the results of the survey in our coaching sessions to help me not only navigate how to be a better entrepreneur, but also to be a better me. I would absolutely recommend Goal and Glow to anyone looking for coaching on both a business and personal level. Thanks so much for all the help you have given me so far, I am looking forward to our future sessions. God bless!"

Robyn Zubach

"My career had been something that I had been struggling with hence why I reached out and asked for coaching in the first place. That increase in consciousness and awareness of who I am is helping me navigate so much in the workplace and unlock new opportunities."


"After meeting with Jenn today, I had a more aligned idea with what I truly wanted to do for my business. She not only provided me with practical ways to manage my social media accounts, but also helped me dig deeper on the beliefs that were holding me back from moving forward.
Highly recommend Goal + Glow for inspiration and informative knowledge when it comes to your business ideas. Thanks ladies!"

Julia (Infinite Wisdom)

"So this if you're thinking about getting this EQ assessment, we all deserve to understand who we are and Linna does a great job at normalizing what you think is a stigma to hear from somebody who can relate who really understands and can make this more of a one-on-one session as opposed to you're doing this is how you're going to get better. And I'm just so excited to be able to share my experiences with everybody because no two people are going to have the same profile and it's very enlightening and captivating."


"I have taken other courses, but never one so concise and practical. Linna and Jenn have a wealth of knowledge and such a natural delivery. They genuinely care. I really feel like I can do the things they suggested and that I will be successful because I do them. Thank you, Linna and Jenn for an amazing, authentic experience."

Candy MacDonald Bundus

"It was so eye-opening and I feel like I'm a different person now because it felt like half coaching and half therapy because of the EQ component. Every single time I met with Linna and after the meeting, I felt a huge sigh of relief like I understood way more about myself and how I can move forward with my future. I feel like the future is much BRIGHTER."


"I knew Jenn would be amazing for coaching, and of course I wasn't let down. Jenn has a vast knowledge of not only how to market yourself, but how to figure out who you should market your specific skills to. I can't recommend this team of coaches enough, even during the initial session you will know changes are coming!"

Naomi Keating

"I really enjoyed meeting Jenn. I'm more of an introvert but there is something about Jenn that makes it so easy to share with her. Explaining my goals to Jenn was like talking to a friend. Jenn not only gave me encouragement and tools to achieve my goals by also made me reflect on my current life and what I can build within it.

I highly recommend Goal + Goal. After our meetings I now feel more productive and motivated."

Steph Chan

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