Girls Cry More than Boys

Ever since I’ve become more aware of my Emotional Intelligence, I am more mindful of how my parenting is impacting my kids. Trust me, this EQ thing really is a journey and I am finding that I am learning about it more and more each day. The other day, I listened as my 3 (Quentin) and 6 (Lincoln) year old was having a conversation. Their conversation was about the difference between Boys and Girls – so obviously I eaves dropped.

Lincoln – “did you know that girls cry more than boys?”

Quentin – “did you know girls are cute and boys are not cute?”

Lincoln – “I know that girls cry more than boys because when Peanut died (my sister’s dog), mommy cried but daddy didn’t cry.”

I was shocked at this conversation because they have taken in information and created a perspective about it. I hope they grow up to know it is okay to cry. Boys cry too. It makes me wonder what else they are observing and picking up day by day. 

So if you are wondering if EQ differs between men and women, for the most part they don’t differ. The only things that is a bit different is that women tend to have more shame than men. And men tend to have more anger than women. As we get older, our anxiety tends to go down.

Do you have any stories to share about your kids and how their experiences are creating a perception? We would love to hear them.


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