Jenn's EQ Superpower

If someone asked you what your superpower, would you know what it was?

I realize I often share about my personal EQ profile journey and what areas I need to work on however I don't think I ever shared with you my "EQ Superpower."
This was definitely the biggest surprise to me.  When I took this assessment I couldn't wait to see what was wrong with me but I equally loved learning about my "Superpowers"
So here goes:
I am balanced in Self and other Orientation.  This means that when I'm faced in a challenging position, I am able to focus on myself and the other person in a balanced way. I can understand that how I interpret the situation may not be how the other person sees it. The gift in that is I am able to understand and focus on the situation itself rather than blame myself or blame the other person.  Once an argument subsides, there are often no hard feelings because I see the situation as a separate entity rather than tied to the other person in a negative way.
I am a "Steady Eddy" which means I am balanced in on my thoughts, wants and feelings. I am often seen as the person people reach out to during times of crisis because I am practical, stable, reliable and consistent.  I hold a safe environment and people often feel safe seeking advice from me. I remain calm when there's conflict and I understand what I want, what my thoughts and feelings are about the situation. 
Learning about my superpowers has validated that me being a coach is the best fit for me.  It has helped me build confidence in my abilities and realize the things that may come naturally to me, may not come as naturally to others thus making me realize I need to utilize these skills more often.There is a lot to be said about raising self awareness and here's another reason why this EQ Assessment has definitely changed the trajectory of my career path.
- Jenn

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