Linna's EQ Superpower

Is this even a thing?

I had no idea I had a superpower until my EQ assessment. Prior to that, I thought having lots of energy, being extroverted and being able to strike a conversation with anyone was my super power. Little did I know, I had another ability that I didn’t appreciate until my EQ assessment.

My super power list now includes my strong Positive/Negative Orientation.

What does this mean?

Well, in times of stress, I see opportunities. When there is change, or conflict, I am able to come up with solutions, I am glass half full first and will always be able to see the bright side of things. I never fully realized this about myself, but ask me about any business ideas, and I have a list of “back up plans” for myself and ideas for others LOL. I see people’s strengths and help them turn that to reality. I see the world as an opportunity. With COVID, recession talks and potential layoffs, the world can be a scary and negative place. One that may impact me personally – as I am currently at risk of being laid off my full time corporate job and with this all,  I am still ok. I know exactly what I will do with my finances, with my job situation, where I will focus my efforts. Because I see opportunity. When there is a change, or something unexpected, I can come up with a solution like a drop of the hat and be able to make things happen. When I think back to my career, I now know why I went from a Recruiter, to an HR Analyst, to an HR Advisor, to a Senior HR Business Partner. I now know why I’ve had so many businesses from personal training, to an online jewelry store, to skincare and now EQ coaching. Because I see opportunities and I go for them. And if something isn’t working I pivot. Complacency is not something I am okay with, so I will always evolve see the world with practical optimism.


The best part of taking my EQ profile is that I can use my super power, to not only coach others, but in this crazy world, be able to pivot and stay positive.


- Linna



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