The Email that Changed Everything

Isn’t it true that life is a rollercoaster? Whether its being a mom, a wife, an employee, a boss… it’s all a roller coaster. The ups, the downs, the never feeling good enough. The need to want to do more. The need to want to do better.

I find myself always asking, am I doing the right thing? Is this the life I dreamed of living? What can I do differently? What if?

Goal + Glow was created to be able to better support others. It started as a passion project that turned into a company. And in reflecting on our year and a half in business, there are definite ups and downs. Although we don’t always share the downs, I wanted to be a bit vulnerable as I was on a jog and in complete reflection mode.

As many of you know, Jenn and I still have full time jobs. It’s something that we continue doing for the stability and safety for our family. We’ve always dreamed of being full time entrepreneurs but have always had this fear of leaving that stability. So with full time jobs, a skincare business and Goal + Glow, you can see how there are times we feel stretched. Exhausted and unmotivated. Layer that on with being a mom of two boys and a wife. It really does take a village and we are thankful for the support system we have with our husband’s a parents who continue to support us through this journey.

Being an entrepreneur comes another level of ups and downs. It is freaking hard. Are we giving our community what they want and need? Are we providing enough value? When will we book our next client? Will our clients enjoy working with us? Will we ever make enough to leave our cushy corporate jobs?

However, the other day, I woke up and the first thing I read was an email. An email from a client I had done an EQ Assessment with along with a series of 1 on 1 coaching sessions. The email made me tear up. It made me feel joy. It brought me peace. Here is a bit of the email:

“I definitely wanted to follow up and thank you for your thoughtful coaching. You were the first coach I've ever worked with and I had a truly transformative experience on this journey with you. Although I started on this path purely focused on gaining skills which I thought I needed to get to a better place in my career, you helped me realize that communication and showing up as my best self really went beyond that to understanding my EQ. I needed to understand what my tendencies are that hinder me from opening up and communicating with others. Being grounded in myself, thinking more about filling up my joy, and setting goals for myself (not letting others set them for me) has been an eye opener”. 

It was this moment, I felt this big sigh of relief. I am exactly where I need to be. The doubts I had of whether we are doing the right thing with Goal + Glow felt confirmed.

Thank you to my beautiful client for this. I don’t know if you realized how much it meant to me.


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