The Text That Brought Us Tears.

It's May and it is Asian Heritage Month!!

Jenn and I grew up in Kelowna BC, a small town (at the time) where we were definitely the minority. There wasn't many asians where we grew up and found that we tried so hard to fit in. We weren't proud of being Chinese as we felt different than everyone else. But as we got older and wiser, we have become so proud of being Chinese. Our background and heritage has created who we are today.

A couple weeks ago, our Uncle Tom (our dad's little brother), sent us this text on our family group chat that brought tears to our eyes and filled us with emotion:

"This is our family’s 40th year anniversary since we came to Canada 🇨🇦. We arrived in the army base in Edmonton on April 12, 1980. We stayed there for 2 days before transferred to our new home in Kelowna.

I’m so grateful and forever indebted to this great country for taking us in. In refugee camp, we were poor, malnourished and was desperate to find someone to take us. Looking back, our family had made the best decision ever to apply to come to Canada.

Our family has come a long way. Life has been great for us in Canada. Our family has grown so much since then and we are all doing well. Stay humbled and be thankful for what we have. Cherish every moment with your family and always remember our root and how we got here. Life was not easy a long the way for us but we stayed strong as a unit and persevered through the hard time. At the end we have a great story to tell our children. Life is good now. I know Ma (grandma) is looking down the heaven and she is so proud of all of us.

Happy 40th year Anniversary to the original Phu ❤️"

Never have we felt more proud to be Chinese. Never have we felt more grateful for being part of this family.

We would love to hear your family stories. Feel free to send them to us as it has created who you are today. Be proud.







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