We bought a house!

I have chills while I write this. Do you believe in manifestation? Do you visualize your dreams? I really started focusing on manifestation during 2020. Really imagining what I want in my life. It's no secret I am a dreamer, but I really focused on a few things in my life I really wanted, and thought about every detail. The next part is crazy, so make sure you keep reading. Whether you believe in god, energies, manifestation, fate any of that, keep reading on. 

At work, we went through a system upgrade where we needed to enter 16 characters minimum for our passwords. How the heck was I going to come up with a word that long and actually remember it. I have a hard enough time remembering my passwords and all the nuances required for each. Need a symbol, need a capital, need a number and the list goes on (insert head exploding emoji).  Anyways, one tip was to write a sentence. So there I was, i decided this would be the perfect opportunity to manifest. I log into my computer almost everyday, so i might as well write about something i want.

"I live by a beach." I wrote every single day as my password - btw the password has now changed which is why i am sharing this LOL. I started writing this every day since spring of 2020.

Throughout 2020 my husband and I were house shopping as I was getting stir crazy and as I wanted a formal office in my home and a more private yard etc. After months of searching, we couldn't find anything worth putting an offer on. So November comes along and we were starting to get excited to go on our winter getaway to Panorama Mountain Resort with the family to celebrate an early Christmas. I mentioned to Tim, we should take a look at vacation homes while we were up there. Maybe this would be a better option than upgrading our current home. He agreed right away as it has been something we've talked about for years. 

So there we were, headed up to meet the family and pit stopped to see our realtor. We looked at this one place (which was a piece of land), and fell in love with the lot and floor plan, put in an offer and bought a home. It literally happened within a weekend. And guess what. The home is a 5-7 min walk to the beach. "I live by a beach." really did come true. Wow. Next time, i'll make sure to say "I live ON a beach" instead LOL!! We are so excited to create memories in this place and want to also share this beautiful home with others. So we will be listing it on Air BNB and VRBO.. so stay tuned!

The home is ready in June and you can bet we are counting down the days.

Life works in so many incredible ways. Have you had crazy manifestations that have come true? Please share!




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  • Kare

    That’s so awesome! Congratulations 🥰 I love your technique, I’ll have to try it!

    I manifested my dream suitcase a few weeks ago. It’s lavender purple with black trimming, exactly how I visualized it in my head 😍

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