We hit burnout. Vulnerability post...

It was not joke, we were running constantly. Our brain felt like it was on fire with all the things we had to do and try not to forget. To do lists were coming out of our ying yang!  Being moms, working at a full time corporate career with an immense motivation to want to help others, to fuel our creativity and continue building towards our dreams through Goal + Glow is a lot. 

I remember looking at Jenn and saying "i wish I wasn't so extra." And although we laughed it off like it was nothing, she knew that was the truth, I really started thinking about this. Sometimes I wish I could be satisfied with a life that was calm, mediocre, steady. One where I was content with where I was. I am a mom with two beautiful boys, a wife in a happy marriage, and a career that I worked so hard for. But why didn't it feel enough? Why did I always have this feeling that I was made for more. That I was put on this earth to make a difference, to help others. Waking up, going to my corporate career and then heading home to be a mom and wife was not enough. I wanted to make a difference.

So this last year, any spare minute we got, we worked on Goal + Glow. This business has been more fulfilling than other other businesses we've done. It still amazes me that we've had clients from the UK and New Zealand, not to mention US and our own backyard Canada. The impact our coaching has made with our clients is insane. The positive feedback we've received has brought us to tears. Still after months when coaching was done, we still get messages from our client on how EQ has still continued to help them in their careers/businesses and relationships.

Whether it was 1 client or hundreds, I feel like we are making a difference. But what we didn't realize is that our work can be heavy. Our surrounding was heavy. COVID created all sorts of stressors, uncertainty, waves of anxiety. We started focusing on areas of EQ where we know people need support on, but that also felt heavy. We were exhausted by the end of the year trying to keep it all together. So we took a bit of a break in December to take a breather and reassess what we really wanted. 

We wanted to feel lighter, we wanted to have fun. We wanted to show more of our personalities. As we started our EQ business, we felt we had to be professional for people to take us seriously and i think this comes from being in a corporate career for so long LOL. EQ is a serious topic, however we were diminishing who we are, what we are like, and our true personalities. Have you ever done that? Show up at work or your business and feel like you have to be a different person to be respected? That was how we felt. The imposter sydrome felt real. We felt you have to show up a different way to get attention or to gain respect. Growing up Chinese and as females in male dominated industries, we've struggled with looking different and being raised differently. We've struggled with our own identities.

So after much discussion and reflection, we decided this year in 2021, we would be true to ourselves. We wanted to have fun and find ways to fill our own joy buckets and at the same time, help you fill yours. Did you know 81% of our clients underaccess joy? It is an alarming statistic when I saw the numbers. When we underaccess joy, anxiety, fear, shame, anger and sadness are high. So if we focus on joy, the rest should follow and even itself out naturally. We will become more resilient and confident. Life will feel better.

We want to be the ripple effect of joy. As cheesy as that sounds. No that doesn't mean life is all unicorns and rainbows. It means we are real. It means we are focusing on the things that bring us joy EVERYDAY. 

So I hope you follow along on our journey - we even posted a few reels on IG as of late! We can't wait to continue this journey with you. We want to thank you for making Goal + Glow possible. Without your support, we wouldn't be here today. Here we are in 2021, and let's make our lives feel lighter, smoother and easier.

So if you aren't following us on IG yet, that is the place to be as we will be doing way more stories, reels and sharing more of ourselves. IG: @goalandglow.







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