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Sister CEO's with the passion to help others live life to their fullest in the best version of themselves!

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Our Mission

Our mission is to help entrepreneurs and leaders grow in their business, career and personal life through the power of Emotional Intelligence (EQ).  We teach you how to master your mindset so you can become the leader in your work and personal life.

Our Story

As first generation Chinese-Canadian born women, we grew up in a small town where we always strived to live a successful and enriched life since our parents risked their lives for our future.  Our childhood was simple. Our dad was an entrepreneur and ran a successful jewelry repair business in our basement and our mom ran a dayhome upstairs.  Our house was always filled with chaos, fun and laughter - a mix of both business and pleasure. Seeing how both our parents started their own business from scratch and created their own schedules, it’s no wonder we would both grow up to want the same for ourselves.

However our parents had a different plan for us, they made sure we got a post secondary education and wanted us to work for large corporations.  They didn’t want us to live the life they had so we took that path.  

Although we both had successful corporate jobs, we were always finding ourselves being pulled to start something of our own. The feeling was undeniable, from our early 20’s, we started a jewelry company where we outsourced products from around the world and would sell them at markets and online, ran a personal training business and more recently both worked for a direct sales business in which we both became the top recruiters in Canada.

We always knew we were meant to serve others in a big way.  We had this deep yearning feeling that we could use our education, life experiences and voice to make an impact and to help others do the same. 

Initially we started Goal + Glow to help female entrepreneurs brand themselves in an authentic way however what we found from our clients was the root of the problem was their mindset. In order to grow in your business and career it has to stem from within yourself.  So we started focusing on mindset but we wanted to go even deeper. We have always been big about learning as much as we can about ourselves and developing personally so we both got Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Assessed and what we discovered in our profiles was what changed it all for us.  

Based on our EQ Assessment results, we learned so much about ourselves and how we show up in our work and personal life. With this newfound knowledge, it gave us tangible and scientific answers to our behaviours.  We learned how to become better business partners, better moms and better people.