How can an Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Assessment help me?

If you are an Entrepreneur, here are some common problems we can help with:

  • Problems identifying customer wants and needs
  • Finding it hard to connect with their clients, to see big transformational change
  • Lacking confidence
  • Feeling burn out or depleted
  • Finding it hard to focus and reach goals
  • Struggling to find work/personal life balance
  • Often feel unmotivated/uninspired
  • Struggle to manage feelings/reactions under pressure
  • Often feels stressed with the ups and downs of owning a business
  • Finding it difficult to make decisions

The results our clients experienced:

  • Increased engagement and sales 
  • Greater awareness of their strengths and weaknesses - areas to focus on
  • Confidence in direction of their business with focused goals to help business grow
  • Increased joy and resiliency to stay in it even when things get tough
  • Ability to set boundaries and have a good work/life balance
  • Energized, motivated and passionate to grow business

If you are a leader, here are some of the common problems we help with:

  • Afraid to speak up in fear of offending or disrespecting others
  • Difficulty getting team to see your vision and be on board with your ideas
  • Struggle to manage stress under pressure
  • Inability to empathize with others
  • Difficulty creating strong engagement and culture
  • Feeling dissastified with role and work
  • Feel stuck and not able to move up in an organization
  • Lack of self confidence 

The results our clients experienced:

  • Confident and open communication with upper management and peers
  • Job satisfaction and achievement of goals to become a leader
  • Ability to handle tough conversations and voicing your opinion in an effective way
  • Clear alignment of personal values to career goals
  • Lead a team who are engaged, open and cohesive

For those who want to GROW in your personal life:

  • Consistently gets in the same disagreements with spouse/coworkers
  • Gets stressed easily, holds grudges
  • Suffers from anxiety or guilt
  • Often feel misunderstood
  • Disappointment with themself and their lack of motivation
  • Feeling lost and overwhelmed
  • Want to improve their relationships

The results our clients experienced:

  • Increased self love, happiness and joy
  • Ability to identify root of the issue and why certain relationships are challenged
  • Breaking old “patterns” and transforming your life 
  • Increased compassion and empathy
  • Built better relationship with partner, family and friends