Glow Up!

Glow Up!

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Friends, it’s time to GLOW up! Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a coach or someone looking to develop in your career or personal life, you all have one thing you strive to be…. to become the LEADER of your life and to have the confidence to reach your full potential as the best version of yourself. 

With this package, once we receive your EQ results,  we will include coaching sessions to provide you with tangible exercises so you can transform to your full potential.  

This package includes:

  1. 45 minute video EQ assessment
  2. 20+ page report on your EQ Profile (completely personalized to you)
  3. Video Series to provide deeper insights on your EQ profile
  4. 1 hour personalized debrief and coaching session
  5. 3 sessions (1 hour each session) of 1 on 1 coaching which includes tips on how to improve certain parts of your EQ profile.

With this package, you will:

  • Learn how your upbringing and life experiences affect how you show up in times of stress
  • Understand how your EQ impacts your relationships
  • Reflect on how your profile impacts you as a leader/entrepreneur, spouse, parent etc. 
  • Gain a deeper understanding of how you show up during conflict and stressful situations
  • Understand your empathy accuracy and compassion
  • Gain a better understanding about how others show up under stress
  • Receive personalized coaching to help you reach your goals

Benefits of EQ:

  • Increase self confidence, love and joy
  • Gain awareness of how you show up to others in times of stress
  • Gain a better understanding of others
  • Ability to change habits and break old patterns
  • Decrease your anxiety and fear
  • Learn tools on how to continue building your emotional intelligence
  • Become more self aware and learn how to self regulate your emotions
  • Build resiliency

    Are you ready to transform and change your life?

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